George Korff

Paintings by George Korff


"The living example of what a man can do to fight for his ideas."

Georges Tourdjman. 

Paris 1975



La Vida de George Korff

Una bitácora de la historia de George Korff, su arte y sus pinturas.

The Life of George Korff

 A timeline of the history of George Korff, his art and paintings.

Жизнь Джорджа Корфа

Khronologiya istorii Dzhordzha Korfa, yego iskusstva i zhivopisi. Zhizn' Dzhordzha Korfa


Domingo García

Domingo García

"Korff is a total artist: 

he demonstrates complete command of all mediums, oil, tempera, caricature, drawings and illustration. His art abounds with polemic and passionate intention. 

It should be viewed within the context of his period, the middle of the 20th century and for his strong identification with minority causes. "

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Georges Tourdjman

Georges Tourdjman

"A few centuries ago he would've been a saint, but he was living in this terrible world of our 20th century and he could not dissociate his love for people and the social fight for a better world for all. I was fascinated by his intelligence but my admiration went to what he could do with it.  

He only had one postulate: 

Man's dignity! 

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Dr. Salomón Barrientos

Dr. Salomón Barrientos writes about George Korff

"En los rostros de Korff transita todo, la alegría, el dolor, la felicidad, el fracaso y el éxito, pero también la política, la economía, el discrimen y el racismo y eso es lo que nos propone.

Lo humano es posible en la obra de Korff porque la deshumanización de su tiempo lo hizo posible, creando un sujeto gobernado, una inteligibilidad basada en la fuerza del poder totalitario o “liberal”. "

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